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Power Electronics

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   Author :  Varman
   For :  Industrial Electronics, JNTUH EIE IV year

Please download full material or download separately as given below. For any missing of material, please contact us by contact menu. For Electronic, Electrical and communication, Mechanical, Software Engineering students. This may include for Embedded System, Power Electronics, Power System, Instrumentation, Mechanics, etc.

Lecture Material (PPTs) on Power Electronics ( Industrial Electronics, JNTUH EIE IV year))

Power Electronics

Module 1 :  Power Semiconductor Devices

L-1 Power Electronics.pdf
L-2 Constructional Features, Operating Principle, Characteristics and Specification of Power Semiconductor Diode.pdf
L-3 Power Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT).pdf
L-4 Thyristors and Triacs.pdf
L-5 Gate Turn Off Thyristor (GTO).pdf
L-6 Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor (MOSFET).pdf
L-7 Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT).pdf
L-8 Hard and Soft Switching of Power Semiconductors.pdf

Module 2: AC to DC Converters

L-9 Single Phase Uncontrolled Rectifier.pdf
L-10 Single Phase Fully Controlled Rectifier.pdf
L-11 Single Phase Half Controlled Bridge Converter.pdf
L-12 Single Phase Uncontrolled Rectifier.pdf
L-13 Operation and Analysis of the Three Phase Fully Controlled Bridge Converter .pdf
L-14 Operation and Analysis of Three Phase Half Controlled Converter.pdf
L-15 Effect of Source Inductance on the Performance of AC to DC Converters.pdf
L-16 Power Factor Improvement, Harmonic Reduction, Filter .pdf

Module 3: DC to DC Converters

L-17 Types of Basic DC-DC Converters .pdf
L-18 Analysis of Buck Converter (DC-DC) Circuit .pdf
L-19 Commutation of Thyristor-Based Circuits Part-I .pdf
L-20 Commutation of Thyristor-Based Circuits Part-II .pdf
L-21 Introduction to Switched-Mode Power Supply (SMPS) Circuits.pdf
L-22 Fly-Back Type Switched Mode Power Supply.pdf
L-23 Forward Type Switched Mode Power Supply.pdf
L-24 CuK and Sepic Converter.pdf
L-25 Design of Transformer for Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS) Circuits.pdf

Module 4: AC to AC Voltage Converters

L-26 AC to AC Voltage Converters.pdf
L-27 Three-phase AC Regulators .pdf
L-28 Phase Angle Control in Triac-based Single-phase AC Regulators .pdf
L-29 Introduction to Cyclo-converters .pdf
L-30 Three-phase to Single-phase Cyclo-converters .pdf
L-31 Three-phase to Three-phase Cyclo-converters .pdf
L-32 Control Circuit for Three-phase to Three-phase Cyclo-converters .pdf

Module 5: DC to AC Converters

L-33 Introduction to Voltage Source Inverters.pdf
L-34 Analysis of 1-Phase, Square - Wave Voltage Source Inverter.pdf
L-35 3-Phase Voltage Source Inverter With Square Wave Output.pdf
L-36 3-Phase Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) Inverter.pdf
L-37 Sine PWM and its Realization.pdf
L-38 Other Popular PWM Techniques.pdf
L-39 Current Source Inverter .pdf
L-40 Load-commutated Current Source Inverter (CSI) .pdf

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