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Analog IC Design - Lecture Notes

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   Author :  Prof. Sankaran Aniruddhan
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Video lectures and Lecture Notes on Analog IC Design

Video Lecture Series from IIT Professors :

 Analog  IC  Design  by  Prof. Sankaran Aniruddhan Sir

Prof. Sankaran Aniruddhan (IIT Madras) 

He is an assistant professor in the VLSI group of the department of Electrical Engineering of the Indian Institute of Technology Madras. He work in the area of RF integrated circuit design. He obtained B. Tech. degree in Electrical Engineering from IIT Madras, in 2000  then graduated with M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from the Electrical Engineering Department at the University of Washington, Seattle in June 2003 and June 2006 respectively. He worked at the System-on-Chip Laboratory under the guidance of Prof. David Allstot in the area of Phase-Locked Loops for Wireless Applications. Between 2006 and 2011, He worked as a Senior/Staff Engineer in the RF-Analog group at Qualcomm Inc., San Diego where He designed integrated circuits for Cellular RF applications.

Lectures - Notes (pdf) and Video (mp4)

Lecture 1 - Introduction to CMOS Ics                                                             [Notes     Video]

Lecture 2 - CMOS scaling; Second-order effects in MOS operation          [Notes     Video]

Lecture 3 - MOS capacitances; Short-channel effects; CS analysis         [Notes     Video]

Lecture 4 - CS, CG, CD stages; Cascode stage                                              [Notes     Video]

Lecture 5 - Folded cascode; Cascode current mirrors                                  [Notes     Video]

Lecture 6 - Bipolar current mirrors                                                                   [Notes     Video]

Lecture 7 - Differential pairs (large-signal); Intro to Noise                          [Notes     Video]

 Lecture 8 - Noise in MOSFETs; Two-port noise equivalent sources         [Notes     Video]

Lecture 9 - Flicker noise; noise in CS and CG stages                                    [Notes     Video]

Lecture 10 - Noise in CD, cascode & Diff pairs; Systematic mismatch    [Notes     Video]

Lecture 11 - Random mismatch                                                                       [Notes     Video]

Lecture 12 - Offset cancellation                                                                       [Notes     Video]

Lecture 13 - Frequency response                                                                      [Notes     Video]

Lecture 14 - Zeroes in freq response; Diff amp freq response                    [Notes     Video]

Lecture 15 - Feedback Theory (2-port)                                                            [Notes     Video]

Lecture 16 - Feedback Theory (control) 1                                                   [Notes     Video]

Lecture 17 - Feedback Theory (control) 2                                                   [Notes     Video]

Lecture 18 - Feedback Theory (control) 3                                                   [Notes     Video]

Lecture 19 - Feedback Theory (control) - 4; Intro to Opamps                   [Notes     Video]

Lecture 20 - Single-stage Opamp 1                                                               [Notes     Video]

Lecture 21 - Single-stage Opamp 2                                                               [Notes     Video]

Lecture 22 - Telescopic Opamp                                                                         [Notes     Video]

Lecture 23 - Folded Cascode Opamp 1                                                       [Notes     Video]

Lecture 24 - Folded Cascode Opamp - 2; Two-stage Opamp 1              [Notes     Video]

Lecture 25 - Telescopic Opamp Design; Two-stage Opamp 2                  [Notes     Video]

Lecture 26 - Tracking compensation in two-stage opamps                         [Notes     Video]

Lecture 27 - Tracking compensation - 2; Two-stage opamp design 1   [Notes     Video]

Lecture 28 - Two-stage opamp design - 2; Bipolar Opamps                       [Notes     Video]

Lecture 29 - Bipolar 741 Opamp -1                                                                 [Notes     Video]

Lecture 30 - Bipolar 741 Opamp -2                                                                  [Notes     Video]

Lecture 31 - Bipolar 741 Opamp -3                                                                 [Notes     Video]

Lecture 32 - Fully Differential Opamps -1                                                      [Notes     Video]

Lecture 33 - Fully Differential Opamps -2                                                      [Notes     Video]

Lecture 34 - Fully Differential Opamps -3                                                       [Notes     Video]

Lecture 35 - Three Stage Opamps; Bandgap References -1                       [Notes     Video]

Lecture 36 - Bandgap References - 2                                                               [Notes     Video]

Lecture 37 - Bandgap References 3                                                             [Notes     Video]

Lecture 38 - Bandgap References 4                                                             [Notes     Video]

Lecture 39 - Bandgap References - 5; Output Stages 1                            [Notes     Video]

Lecture 40 - Output Stages 2                                                                         [Notes     Video]

Lecture 41 - Output Stages 3                                                                         [Notes     Video]

Lecture 42 - Output Stages 4                                                                         [Notes     Video]

Lecture 43 - Output Stages - 5                                                                           [Notes     Video]

Lecture 44 - Analog Layout                                                                              [Notes     Video]

Lecture 45 - Course Review                                                                              [Notes     

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